International project managers who facilitate all aspects of real estate development projects from master planning, architectural design and securing financing to successful completion.

With our offices in London and Moscow, Sefre Architects + Research Group also facilitates joint venture partnerships between American, British and Russian companies in the oil, gas, and construction sectors.

The Group is in consortium with major companies in Russia to provide finance for the development of alternative technology in the fields of energy and construction.

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Sefre Architects + Research Group

Projects large and small can reap great benefits by using ‘Space Syntax’ to create financially successful, sustainable developments at less cost. Space Syntax is a valuable, cutting-edge tool for government authorities and property developers. It predicts problems and provides solid solutions.

Case studies show that using space syntax not only increases tenancy, foot traffic and price-per-unit in retail facilities, but it also improves healing time in hospitals and learning ability in schools.

Sefre Architects + Research Group services include: spatial planning for complex buildings, Health and Safety Evaluations, quantity surveying, feasibility studies, Town Planning, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and Interior Design.

The design team’s specialised research and extensive international experience makes them highly responsive to the sociocultural and economic challenges unique to each development. Contact the Group for an analysis to find out how we can enhance the profitability and prestige of your project within budget requirements.


Update: Mon, Apr 23, 2012